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Incomprehensible Musings of a Mad Prophet
30 December 2005 @ 06:21 pm
my north node was in aries when i was born which means that particular aspect of me is underdeveloped... now jason mythologically quested after the golden fleece, in other words the solar ram... aries is the solar ram... coincidence?
Incomprehensible Musings of a Mad Prophet
28 December 2005 @ 12:12 pm
when the universe seems like not this or that it is easy to imagine that there is no superior way of being... no enlightened path... but their is... this is the synthesis of all oposites... a climb upwards on the tree of life... you too must be not this or that to achieve perfection... a constant oscillation between states is nessesary to find your inner power... this is way the tree of life is balanced as it is... reality is a paradox because every sephiroth is equally holy... contradiction is perfection...

do not hesitate to build your empire... the ultimate non dual nature of reality permits you to do all things... including the creation of truths and belief systems... forms, words, and desires are not evil... they cause us to be deluded, but they also give us life... you dont need to escape the illusion... you need to embrace it and do what you will... fucking live...
Incomprehensible Musings of a Mad Prophet
16 December 2005 @ 06:01 pm
individuality is sort of bull shit... everything that you think is you really isn¨t... the values you hold are not truely yours but those of the world you live in... in order to truely find yourself and know who you are you have to loose yourself and discover that you are no one... the real you can¨t be contradicted because your ulimate nature is without duality... everything you can say and believe is half a lie...
Incomprehensible Musings of a Mad Prophet
06 December 2005 @ 07:12 pm
esoteric interpretations of Superman:

  • superman gained his power from the sun which is symbolically the heart chakra or the 6th sephiroth, tiphareth...
  • arctic sancuary represents bridge to other dimensions in shamanistic paradigm cross culturally...
  • he was born on another planet and then came to earth which represents the xenodimensional entity¨s incarnation in a human body
  • babylonian sun god named shamash (same word for sun in hebrew again symbolically tiphareth and in particular the path associated with justice/libra)...
Incomprehensible Musings of a Mad Prophet
27 November 2005 @ 11:45 am
how could someone delude themselves into believing that they and only they exist... its a fucking dangerous delusion... solipsism is must be accepted... solipsism is a method for ego death... it colapses the self/world boundry thats preventing people from true occult knowledge... the distinction between object and observer is a linguistically created lie...

with creative selfdeception, the temporary assumption of *wrong* beliefs, you can trigger intuitive insight into the other worlds that you cant yet conceive... by undermining our present assumptions we work to expand our reality...
Incomprehensible Musings of a Mad Prophet
10 October 2005 @ 02:59 pm
from the internet:
Chapter 4: Jason, the Drug Man
The magical item that is the object of the hero's quest in Greek mythology is always the sacred entheogen. In the case of Jason, the Golden Fleece was ultimately Amanita muscaria. In such a quest, the hero is a shaman whose identity, as we have seen, becomes consubstantial with the drug of his shamanism so that many of his characteristics have ethnobotanical referents and some of the events are not only his experience, but that of the entheogen itself, that is his analogue. Hence, Jason was trained as a shaman and displayed symbolic features such as his single, muddy foot, his non-birth, and his name as a drug man. Amongst those who sailed with him on the quest were the Dioskouroi and their cousins, the Moliones, whose identities also are ethnobotanical, as Pillar, St. Elmo's Fire, Cap, Lotus, and hermaphroditic Sphere. Similarly, the Fleece has metaphoric characteristics of the quested entheogen, such as the Golden Apple, the fleecy Hide, the Shield, the tiny Man, the Egg, the Serpent, the horned Bull, the Bird, and the Ball of Eros. To initiate him for his heroic ordeal of consubstantiality, Medea anoints him with the herb of Prometheus, whose theft of Fire was ultimately that of Vision and the sacred plant. The theme of the Fleece persisted in alchemical occult knowledge, becoming ostensibly the parchment on which was written the secret formula of chrysopoeia, although it, too, recalls the ethnobotanical original. (page 87)

School for Shamans

Jason is the Latin name for the leader of the band of heros known as the Argonauts in Greek myth who sailed in the ship Argo on the famous expedition to the eastern shore of the Black Sea to fetch back the Golden Fleece; in his own language, Jason's name was written as Iason. This was not his original name. His parents had called him --------, a good name meaning that he was a lord in the tradition of the god Zeus. But to protect the child from his enemies when he was born, his mother had pretended that he had died, and she sent him secretly up onto Mount Pelion, above the town of Iolchos in Thessaly, to be raised by the Centaur Cheiron. It was he who named him Iason, which means "drug man" or doctor, because he taught the child all he knew about botanical pharmacology. (pages 89 - 90)

Golden Fleece

As should be apparent by now, the Golden Fleece of the ram named "Golden Apple," guarded as it was by the dangerous serpent, is identical to the Golden Apples of the Hesperides, guarded by the snake-haired Gorgon sisters, and all - the fleece, apples, and serpents - represent the fly-agaric mushroom. In the story of Talos, above, it was mentioned that carefully-dried fly-agaric caps turn a metallic golden-orange color. This is the reason both the magic fleece and the magic apples are called "golden." What may be less apparent is why the mushroom should be compared to a fleece, or an apple, golden or otherwise.

In its ovoid embryonic stage, the fly-agaric is completely covered by a pure white membrane called the universal veil. The portion of the veil that covers the nascent cap is comprised of contiguous pointed segments, the purpose of which is to protect the cap and, by insinuating these "horns" into tiny cracks in the covering soil, aid the mushroom in breaking through to the air. As the mushroom cap grows and expands, the segments separate and are spread apart, giving the opened red cap its characteristic white-spotted appearance. Looked at closely, these veil fragments, sometimes up to a quarter-inch high and wide, resemble white wool, especially to those of a pastoral society. The blood-red "skin" of the cap heightens the illusion.

When harvested, the cap of the mushroom is usually severed from the stalk to prevent infestation from fly larvae often found there. These larvae, unless stopped, burrow up the inside of the stipe and spread through the gill structure beneath the cap, devouring it. The separated cap is then dried, both to prevent infestation and rot and to make the mushroom a more potent entheogen, for drying converts ibotenic acid to the much more effective muscimol.

Several other changes occur as well. As the cap dries, it deflates, shrinks in overall size, and wrinkles; as mentioned, it also turns a beautiful golden color with a metallic sheen, or a tawny orange if handled carelessly. Caps will always re-absorb a little moisture from the air after drying, giving them a suppleness and feel similar to cured animal hides, which they now also resemble: they look and feel like the hides of tiny animals. If you ever have seen such "hides," the "Golden Fleece" and the "little fleece of Zeus" epithets suddenly come into focus.

The fly-agaric is a mycorrhizal fungus; that is, its mycelium will only grow in association with the rootlets of certain trees. Because of this, the fruiting bodies of Amanita muscaria mycelia, the red and white mushrooms themselves, will always pop their round white-spotted heads into view beneath the canopy of their host, giving the impression that they are ripe fruit that has fallen from the tree. Because they are round and red and the proper size, they are likened to apples by anyone familiar with that fruit. And again, because they turn golden as they dry, they therefore become golden apples.

Golden Fleece and Golden Apples: only, and always, found in certain special "gardens," on certain special trees. And just as with the Garden of Eden and its special tree, always guarded by a white-toothed serpent. (pages 118 - 119)
Incomprehensible Musings of a Mad Prophet
10 September 2005 @ 01:56 am
"There is no need to reject or appropriate anything, or tp refute or establish and position, because reality is unbiased."

"Information" is a chaos; knowledge is the spontaneous ordering of that chaos; freedom is the surfing of the wave of that spontaneity.
-peter lamborn wilson (hakim bey)

"If, through some trick of nature, the gates of an individual's subconsciousness were suddenly to spring open [my insertion: death?], the unprepared mind would be overwhelmed and crushed. Therefore, the gates of the subconscious are guarded, by all initiates, and hidden behind the veil of mysteries and symbols. "
-timothy leary

"Life must be a preparation for the transition into another dimension."
-terrence mckenna

"All the phenomenon of the life of a given cosmos, examined from another cosmos, assume a completely different aspect and have a completely different meaning"
"The manifestation of the laws of one cosmos in another cosmos constitute what we call a miracle"

"everything having its existence in the ultimate non-dual substance, nothing can be harmful for yoga; and therefore the yogin should enjoy everything to his heart’s content without the least fear or hesitation"
-from 'the shadow of the dali lama'
Incomprehensible Musings of a Mad Prophet
using eschatological metaphores
the end is a strange attractors swriling the universe out from it's empty centre... the word eschaton (end of time) comes from the Greek eskhatos which means last and is related to ex — "out of" which is is a part of the word ecstasy... which is comming out of ones self and rationally defined positions... the eschaton is the worlds ecstasy... it's not a time... it's a state... the centre of all things... it's the core of my being... the very fabric of the universe, absolute nonduality... we are everything, everyone, always, and everywhere... you don't need to transcend anything because you already did...
Incomprehensible Musings of a Mad Prophet
18 August 2005 @ 06:30 am
welcome to the streaming consciousness try this:

1. Reality is an infinitely changing cut-up with no [real] original source...
2. We are beyond why... we are...
3. The truths we experience are not infact universal truths, but rather temporary assertions created in realtion to all of our other beliefs...
4. If you think you understand, you don't...
5. There is an objective reality , but we all percieve it subjectively...
6. The universe is a thoughtform projected by [an] incomprehensible disembodied intelligence[s]...
7. Enlightenment is a process of calling into question all of your underlying assumptions (caused by social conditioning) and the subsequent expansion of your known reality...
Incomprehensible Musings of a Mad Prophet
06 August 2005 @ 01:25 pm
my theory of the universe... for now...

Reality is a vast matrix composed of undifferentiated energy, which is perceived and sorted (distorted) by our consciousness. In our minds we create the forms and independant objects we think we experience by partitioning the world into dualities.